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The best protection is early detection

October is breast cancer awareness month, so let us educate you and show you some ways to prevent and early detect breast cancer.   This information is important for every young woman to read and think about. Did you know that with early detection and treatment, the survival rate for breast cancer climbs to more than 90%?

Some of the tips you will come across on here are common sense even though some of us still do not live up to them but some might surprise you! You have to start by eating right in order to feel right, especially by limiting your fat intake, women that followed a low-fat diet showed a modest decrease of breast cancer during research. Get moving!!! Try and attempt to exercise and don’t set your goals so high because you will not achieve them, take little steps and work up. Begin your day with a 30 minute workout, and don’t forget to add weight-bearing exercises, it will reduce your risk and also protect your bones.  Try and maintain a healthy weight because there has been a clear link between obesity and breast cancer due to the level of excess estrogen production in fatty tissue.

Another tip you will be surprise to see is – cutting back on alcoholic drinks. During research there has been a link found between breast cancer and alcoholic drinks, limit your drink intake to one a day.

Ladies, even though you might think you are too young to think about breast cancer age does not determine when a woman finds breast cancer. Keep an eye out for breast cancer symptoms. A lump that is the size of a frozen pea that does not come and go and instead stays and grows. Constant pain on your breasts, bloody drainage from the nipple, change in breast contour (irregular shape or dimpling) at doesn’t go away.

Know your body! If you notice something out of the ordinary call your OBGYN right away or your primary doctor.

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Restoring your breasts after pregnancy  

If you haven’t had a child yet, when thinking about having a beautiful baby us women tend to first think about what does pregnancy do to our bodies. Our bodies completely change after having a child and  we have a tendency to always want to be like others. Ladies, a celebrity will have a child today and two weeks later look the same or even better than they did before pregnancy, they achieve this look though being airbrushed, personal trainers and surgery… but what happens to the rest of us women who are not as lucky financially?

Truth is many ladies out there have the exact same problem. It is part of being a woman and nature. After a child the first thing we get focused on is our breasts and our belly fat. Some of us have felt embarrassed at time with their loved one because they feel embarrassed.

Well, ladies taking care of your breasts is the number one thing to begin doing once you have had your child. As moms I know how busy our schedules can get but with two of our products and just ten minutes of your day you can restore your breasts in no time! Mamonite is a natural breast enhancement brand we offer our enhancement pills and our amazing breast firming cream.

Don’t want to say we are experts but … we are! Most of our team has gone through what you have so we know personally how you are feeling.  We have created a combo to help your breasts get back to looking sexy, young and confident! Just takes ten minutes a day and your all set! Here’s our ten minute plan for you mommy’s!

Day 1-


Wake up have breakfast and take one of our natural breast enhancement pill.

Take a hot shower to open up your pores and apply our firming cream after you dry off, make sure you massage your breast until all the cream has been absorbed .


Lunch time-

Take pill #2 with your healthy lunch!


Night –

Take pill #3 with your dinner and right before you lay down for bed, apply a second coat of your cream !


**Repeat Daily**

Breast are a woman’s beauty  trait and it defines how we feel. Sometimes in life to some women natural fails  us and we want to take matters into our own hands. Mother nature sometimes  leaves some of us with less than a substantial size for our beautiful breasts.  When women hit puberty we always wish to have a good size and when it ends and  we are left unsatisfied ….what can we do? The number one solution and option  for women has been breast augmentation, which is very pricey, dangerous and  very painful.

No longer do we have to put  ourselves in danger to feel pretty and confident about ourselves or just to  feel a little sexy. Mamonite is a natural breast enhancement pill that has been  around for over seven years! What makes the Mamonite natural breast enhancement  pill is 10 natural herbs that combined reenacts the process of puberty and  naturally creates breast tissue. The process itself takes about 3-6 months and  once you have achieved the results they are completely permanent. How much will  your breasts grow? Usually your breast will increase in 1-2 cup sizes. There is  no chance for them to grow in excess. Once your body adapts to the product it  will start to take its course again and your body will determine what the best  size for your body is .

Some women have to deal  with the fact that hormone imbalance runs in their family.  Others just  have a low hormone production ability.  Because of this, the full
potential of breast growth isn’t reached.  Breast enhancement pills help pick up where nature left off and get the breasts you’re supposed to have,
full and firm and beautiful.  In just a few weeks of taking the pills the  effects of breast enhancement will be experienced.  Just like when you
were a teenager, there’s a feeling of fullness in the chest, there are tingling  sensations or even itchiness in the skin as your breast area expands once again.

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